Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Town and Around

These last few days have been glorious as far as weather is concerned.  I feel like Eli and I have been hibernating all winter and this wintery thaw has allowed us to come out of our cave--pale skin and all.

 What, Spring, you're ready for us to come outside?  We.are.ready.

Yesterday, we took a walk to our local public library.  Now the next sentence will shock you, especially since I am an English major.  But, Internet, I have not had my own public library card since I lived in California, lo these 15 years.  Granted, I have had access to the university's library since 1999, but still, everyone should have a public library card.  Reading is fundamental.  So, we picked up a library card, accidentally logged the library off their computers and checked out a book.  We took our friend, Sara's, advice and checked out a Mo Willems book (Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity, a compelling sequel to Knuffle Bunny:A Cautionary Tale).  It was the only Mo Willems book they had. (side note: I checked SAU's library catalog and they have six Mo Willems books, so...we may go there next time).  And then we headed home...kind of.

 Hat: Check; Coat: Check; Drink: Check; Shades: Check

We stopped at the plaza on campus (it's where the clock tower is) and I let Eli get in some exercise.  We got to the plaza the same time as a lot of classes were letting out and other classes were starting.  So, there were a lot of students around whilst Eli was walking around.  Something you should know about Eli is that he is fearless.  He's recently taken to walking up to strangers (usually men) and putting his arms up indicating he wants them to pick him up.  Awesome.  So a student would walk by and he would start following him or her with his hands in the air waiting for said student to pick him up.  Only the female students would oblige him.  So, next time I need a babysitter, I guess I'll just plunk him down in the middle of campus...I mean someone will pick him up.  I.AM.KIDDING.  Also, he found every muddy area of grass in the tri-state area and sat down/fell down in it.  Awesome again.  I knew it was time to go home when he walked up to a bench and laid his head down on it--and kept it there for more than 5 seconds.  We quickly stopped in to say hi to grandma Mary and then went home.

My little college student

 We saw Sasquatch going for a jog. Hard to tell, but it is him. He frequents the Arbor.
  Eli and the Concept: treasures of Spring Arbor

What? I am not heading for that big puddle.
 Doing some thinking

 Snuggle-pup with grandma

After Eli had his afternoon snack, I eagerly brought out our new library book and began reading it to Eli who, incidentally, could have cared less.  I mean my head could have been on fire and I could have transformed into Thomas the train while I was reading to him, and he would not have given me a second look.  Who can listen to his mother when Duplos are in the room just waiting to be dumped out of their bucket?  I ask you?  Anyway, I was giving the story my best voices, and the kid was oblivious.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, though.  I told Ben he should read it, and he said that he really doesn't like to read a whole book in one day.  I mean Goodnight Gorilla is a stretch for him. (side note: I hope that my sarcasm is seeping through enough so that you know that my husband is kidding...he reads to Eli...a lot.)

And the bonus to all this glorious weather, Eli is so tired at the end of the day due to his out-and-about roaming that bedtime is a easy-peasy.

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Melissa Hoffman said...

he is adorable! I am def getting the sunglasses for baby hoff! Love the posts!