Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hot Time, Summer in the City (kind of)

Kind of a lame post to make up for the absence of regularly witty and brilliant posts (please know that I am extremely sarcastic and not at all narcissistic--somewhere someone who knows me very well laughs). I have been enjoying the warm goodness that comes from our own little ball of hydrogen. I was wondering if it was broken (ahem, Al Gore). As I've basked in the wonderfully harmful UV rays this week I began making a list of all the reasons why Summer kicks Winter's derrière (I would give you props Spring, but you were somewhat MIA this year). Below is a list of reasons why I love Summer.

1. I can walk outside without a coat and three layers of shirts and gloves and a hat and a scarf and winter boots and a scowl.

2. Warm breezes

3. Driving with the windows down (when I don't have somewhere to be where my hair needs to look not wind blown)

4. The smell of cut grass

5. The glorious scents that precede a storm

6. Running at 9:00 p.m. (and not getting hit by a car b/c it's still light outside)

7. 6:30 sunrises (not that I see them)

8. 9:30 sunsets

9. Rollerblading

10. Swimming

11. Fire works

12. The smell of barbecues

13. The smell of bonfires

14. The smell of sunscreen (you can tell my olfactory senses get quite the workout during Summer)

15. The sound of crickets (outside...not in my apartment driving me to the brink of madness)

16. The sound of bullfrogs

17. Fireflies

18. My parents' backyard

19. Concord's main street

20. Sleeping in

21. S'mores

22. Hanging out on AJ and Megan's lake (it's theirs in my mind)

23. Walking to Frosty Boy with Ben

24. End of the school year

25. Our anniversary

I'm sure there's more, but I'm really hungry right now and can't really think straight. Here' to Summer.
(If I had been really smooth, I would have posted this on the 21...the first official day of Summer, but like I said, I'm hungry).


Sara Luke said...

I think number 26 should be "Visiting Sara at camp and eating dinner at Freddie's."

rachel said...

27. Ikea trips with Rachel. :)

28. Reading Moby Dick.... or not.

rachel said...

I'm glad you asked. I was going to write "Number of times a distinct waft of marijuana permeated the air" but thought it might upset some of my more gentle readers.

So, just for you:

Number of times distinct waft of marijuana permeated the air: 12. Including, in all honesty, the very second I stepped out of the car when we got there.