Saturday, April 5, 2008

Back in the Mitten

I made it home yesterday after my extended tour of O'Hare airport (and by tour, I mean forced imprisonment due to a delayed plane). I had a wonderful time! I was extremely spoiled by my grandparents (recent subscribers to "You Can Call Me Jan"...shout out!) Here are some pictures. I hope it will satiate my loyal readers' appetites until I can post something extremely hilarious (like my airplane fart story...I'm sorry--airplane flatulent story).

Me and the G-Rents

Me, Grandma, Aunt Linda and her partner Carol in Castro

Golden Gate Bridge

Me, my Aunt Dolores and Uncle Sal

Alcatraz Island

Corner of Haight and Ashbury -- Scene of the Summer of Love

Colorful Victorians

Bodega Bay (Scene of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds)

Beyonce and Jay-Z--blissfully wedded yesterday (Note: I sadly did not see them while I was in California)


Smartphone said...

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rachel said...

um, tell smartphone to get the heck out of your blog.

anyway! i'm glad you are back safe and sound - and just when the weather is starting to take a turn for the better (i hope i haven't jinxed anything by writing that!). your pics look awesome - i want to live in one of those houses. anyway, i'm hoping we can hang out soon... but i'm not sure what we'll be able to work out, since we're going to florida for 10 days... oh noooo -this will ruin our record of seeing each other at least once a month! something must be done. what are you doing next weekend??? i'll send you an email.

OH - FYI, j & b were in NY, that's why you didn't see them. i love that we're so obsessed with them.

*A hug* - that just might be my new sign-off from now on. thanks, smartphone!

rachel said...

also, i just wanted to let you know: this post was likeably, and your blog is very interesting. CONGRATS!

rachel said...

yes - definitely the first time wearing it - the first time michigan has been graciously warm enough! :)

A hug.

rachel said...

comment #28975 by me. i just tried to send you an email (actually, twice now) and it hasn't gone through. what's the deal, yo?

Sara Luke said...

Maybe I should go with you next time.